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First critique ever, so yeah. Pose: Anyways, the pose of Merc Fox looks really great as it looks like he is standing proud. One thing t...

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United States
I am a brony, game developer, movie making, and gaming nerd. Plus, I am a cool person to hang out with, but don't expect me to do small talk. I'm not good at small talk.

Want to use my OCs or my works in your photos?




Freddy Krueger's Glove:

Who Are You In The Mane 6?
Who Are You In The Mane 6?
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Tails Approves Stamp by Fastmon
What Kind Of Pony Are You?
What Kind Of Pony Are You?
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Trony Crash (SFM/ Blender Test)
This is test photo that I happen to do. It's a Source Filmmaker to Blender test, so the light ribbon and Tron bike crash is a CGI effect. Not ideal thought, but it will do.

I forgot AJ's light disc. X(

Trony Applejack, Trony suits and light cycle made by :iconsrick91:

Applejack belongs to DHX Media and Hasbro

Film Flicky belongs to :iconsourcerabbit:
First critique ever, so yeah.
Anyways, the pose of Merc Fox looks really great as it looks like he is standing proud. One thing though, Merc's left thumb is clipping into the rifle, but not too much.

The lighting is a little iffy because the back lamp looks like it's illuminating a little too high on the walls. Not sure if the vertical line is suppose to be on the lens flare or not. The lens flare looks like it's in front of the shade and not behind it. If the flare was meant to be behind the shade, like where the bulb is, then the lens flare shouldn't be there because the camera is shooting at an angle to where you only see the bottom of the bulb and not the entire bulb its self. The eye glow is iffy to, not sure if Merc's eye was going to be made a different color or stay the same. The lights in the plasma rifle (I think that is what it is) is a really cool effect, it makes it look like he was about to shoot something.

Overall, the piece is really cool to see and all. Good Job!
Honey: Info Reference Sheet
Name: Honey Jessica McHooves

Nickname: Sis (only Foxy can use that)

Age: 25

Family: Foxy (Brother), Zomba (Mother), Jik (Father)

Coltfriend: Platinum Shield (silvertheevee4401's oc)

Likes: Observe the night time sky, annoy her younger brother, make new friends, and help out with friends and family.

Dislikes: Being picked on, being used, causing problems, seeing her brother being picked on, or being called Sissy (especially if it was Foxy)

Bio: A loving, caring, honest, smart, and loving mare that is awesome to have as a friend like her brother. She is passionate about being an astronomer and showing the world about the science of space. Likes to hang out with her brother a lot, but does hang out with her friends. She likes to annoy her brother at times, but up to a point. She really loves to work with her mom since the ladies in the family have the brains. 

Back Story: A 25 year old Pegasus that has a passion for being an astronomer and being like her mom. She started looking into a telescope since the age of 12. She has been able to find things in space that nopony else has seen before. Honey has been nominated for awards for her findings, but not won none of them. However, she doesn't mind that she doesn't get any awards for findings. Being the oldest of the two, Honey never had a rivalry towards her younger brother.
Foxy: Info Reference Sheet
Name: Foxy Gerald McHooves

Nickname: Lil' Bro (only Honey can use that)

Age: 24

Family: Honey (Sister), Zomba (Mother), Jik (Father)

Marefriend: Essy Ferguson (Kasidesi's oc)

Likes: Be a goof, makes and watches movies, play video games, make new friends, and hang out with friends and family.

Dislikes: Being blamed/ teased on, causing problems, seeing his friends or family harmed.

Bio: An honest, kind, trustworthy, loyal, and helpful stallion that is an awesome friend to have. Rarely gets angry, but is a real hot head if angry. Sometimes nervous when meeting other ponies, but quickly becomes cheerful once met. Really hates to be teased and blamed on something that he didn't do. Can be a total goof ball around friends and family, but is serious with his works. Doesn't have a rivalry towards his older sister.

Back Story: A 24 year old Pegasus that has a passion for making movies and acting in movies. Once a worker of the legendary Rainbow Factory since the age of 15, he hated the corruption that was happening inside the place. He left at the age of 19, but was permanently scared mentally as he will never return to the factory. After he left, Foxy stayed with his sister until he earned enough money to get his own place. Foxy returned to his passion of making movies then so enough, Applewood recognized his works and offered him a job at one of the studios. It was an offer of a life time for Foxy, so he quickly accepted the offer and is now the movie making Pegasus that everyone knows and loves.
Hey everyone, it's me again. So, I recently came up with an idea for an animation that I'm hoping that I can do. The animation is a sequel to a short film that I directed and made 7 months ago. Here is the original animation:  

The sequel is going to be a continuation of this animation where Foxy (pony not anthro) and his new friends try to defeat their mecha selves. However, I only have 6 voice actors and I need more. I'm going to need female and male VAs. So if anyone is interested in helping with the sequel, please note me.
  • Listening to: ZOMBOY - Airborne

What would you guys like to see more of? (SFM Photos) 

4 deviants said My Little Pony
2 deviants said Team Fortress 2
2 deviants said Overwatch
1 deviant said Resident Evil
1 deviant said Splatoon
No deviants said Undertale



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